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Girish Pathak, Keynote speaker, “Security and digital Convergence,” ICT Professionals Regional Conference, February 27-28, 2007, Manor Lodge Complex, Bridgetown, Barbados. Girish Pathak, Expert Panelist with focus on “IP-enabled business successes,”  IP.4.IT, November 14-16, 2005, Las Vegas.


Girish Pathak, Expert Panel, “Building a VoIP Solution: Costs and Business Models,” WiMAX World: Conference & Expo, October 26-28, 2005, Boston. Girish Pathak, Industry Expert speaker, Voice of the service providers, “Technology Convergence: voice, data, and video,” Fall Voice over Net (VoN) Conference, Boston, October, 2004.


Girish Pathak, Industry speaker, “Leveraging broadband for improved community services,” International Trade and Technology summit - NAFTA, Sponsored by the Mayors of Calgary, San Antonio, and Monterrey, June 2004. Girish Pathak, Keynote speaker, “IP-based next generation network, NGN,” Canadian Telecom Consultants Association annual conference, Collingwood, Ontario, June 2004. Girish Pathak, Luncheon speaker, BC Technology Industry’s Executive Briefing, “VoIP is open for business,” Vancouver, April 2004.


Girish Pathak, Keynote address: “IP-based Next Generation Network, NGN,” Girish Pathak, IEEE Sponsored Fourth Int’l Workshop on the Design of Reliable Communication Networks, Banff, October 2003. Girish Pathak, Keynote address: “IP-based Next Generation Network, NGN,” Girish Pathak, 15th International Conference on Wireless Communications, co-sponsored by IEEE Canada, Calgary, July 2003. Girish Pathak, Expert Panel presentation: “Business case for Next Generation Network, NGN,” Girish Pathak, Spring Voice over Net (VoN) conference, San Jose, April 2003.


Invited paper for Executive Section: “Technology-enabled Convergence for Information, Communications, and Entertainment Services,” International Engineering Consortium’s Annual Review of Communications, Volume 57, 2004.

Newspaper article: “TELUS’ big switch --- Way before Bell and U.S. Telcos, a Canadian firm will move traffic to the Net --- it’s a milestone, and could make money if it pans out,” by Tyler Hamilton, page and half page article in business section, Toronto Star, Toronto, May 26, 2003.

Guest co-Editor for IEEE Computer Magazine on “Business Transformation and Information Technology,” March 1999 special issue.

ITE Services, Inc. is a company of good standing and registered with the Commonwealth of Massachusetts on January 26, 2006, whose public filing documents can be obtained. ITE Services, Inc. is represented by Boston-based international law firm WilmerHale.

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