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Digital Experience - using Cloud Solutions

In order to mitigate the risk of remaining stagnant in the world that is digitally evolving, any company needs to continuously develop and launch new products and services. Launching these products requires a new approach and cooperation with vendors that cooperators are not used to. An agile way of working works better than a traditional waterfall approach. It also requires a multi-disciplinary approach in which network, IT, commercial, legal and operational resources work closely together.

Key aspects in providing A new "Digital Experience" enabling "Digital Transformation" in a company involves:

  1. Developing digital experiences by customer segments …powered by the intellectual property on ‘day in the digital life of X’

  2. Digital experience-driven process re-engineering

  3. New products/services or NewCo management

  4. Digital transformation assessment, planning, and roadmaps management

  5. Service planning and architecture management

  6. Program portfolio management and projects in digital transformation

  7. Infrastructure and operations management

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