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Profile of ITE Services,

a Massachusetts-based Corporation



ITE Services is a privately-owned management consulting company, providing technology strategies and program implementation services in a digital transformation of mid-size service providers (like in telecom, banking, health care, utilities, etc.) across the Caribbean, Central America and North America, and providing ICT assessment/valuation services to investment managers in United States.


As you know a new era of digital convergence—powered by the technological advances of the last decade—has been unfolding.


While market forces will control the drive towards the convergence of the three major multimedia industries (telecom, information technology, and entertainment), the wireless-, broadband- and internet-based technological convergence of voice, data and video applications is poised to deliver unprecedented advantages in productivity and competitive positioning for any enterprise.


ITE’s seminal expertise in computing systems, wireless, broadband, IP and hosting infrastructures/solutions and customer-digital-experience-driven implementations equip us to help you maximize the potential of digital convergence for your business.


All throughout our about 15 years of ITE’s operation, our brand promise and brand performance has been:

  1. Offering leading-edge expertise and experience in its market

  2. Offering vendor-neutrality to clients

  3. Offering proven performance/professionalism in Caribbean, and at TSTT


Our customers belong to following three industry sectors –

  • Telecom sector, TSTT of Trinidad and Tobago being one such example

  • Financial services sector, RBC of Canada being one such example

  • Strategic consultancy sector, McKinsey of United States being one such example



ITE Services, Inc. is a company of good standing and registered with the Commonwealth of Massachusetts on January 26, 2006, whose public filing documents can be obtained from, US federal tax identification number is 20-4183885.  ITE Services, Inc. is represented by Boston-based international law firm WilmerHale, and carries business liability insurance through The Hartford Insurance Group of Hartford, CT.

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