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We believe in

The Business of ITE Services

  • Assisting service providers like in telecom, financial services, health care, utilities, etc.  within the region of Caribbean, Central America and North America, in their digital transformation journeys

  • We are in the business of helping plan, execute and assess operational functions/processes or programs

  • We leverage end-customer digital experiences and market-leading technology-plays for revenue growth, operational effectiveness or optimizing spends

  • Privately owned, about 15 years of excellence in professional services, insured by Hartford Group, and with legal counsel of WilmerHale

  • We raise the bar, through…

    • Our standard of expertise (just about 20 of our core experts represent 5,000+ projects)

    • Our level of implementation skills and tools

    • Our extent of vendor-neutrality

Our Three ICT Practices and Leaders

1.Head of Telecom and IT (Planning-to-Decommissioning) Practice

  • Led by Mr. Kym Wittal, P.Eng. (ex-CTO of SaskTel)

  • Operating out of Regina, Canada

2.Head of Products, Profitability, and Finance Practice

  • Led by Mr. Harry Goldberg (ex-CFO of AT&T Wireless)

  • Operating out of Atlanta, United States

3.Head of Digital Transformation, Digital Experience and Special Services

(including Investment and M&A Advisory) Practice

  • Led by Dr. Girish Pathak (ex-CTO and Chief Customer Strategist of TELUS)

  • Operating out of Boston, United States

The Advantage of our Offerings ...

for business executives

We help successfully execute a customer-digital-experience driven “digital transformation” from legacy to leading-edge services and technologies (big data analytics, AI, RPA, blockchain, wireless, IP and hosting)

for shareholders

We offer superior financial analysis on technology, media, and telecom investments

An Advantage …

  • unique metrics and tools

  • About 20 senior advisors with seminal contributions to technologies

  • Extending our IT/IS capabilities and capacities with a large/trusted and cost-effective IS partner from India,

See more of our team, click here.

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