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Dr. Girish Pathak, President, ITE Services


Dr. Pathak, a leading North American expert in IP-based digital convergence, has about 24 years of telecom and software experience in leading-edge technology development, ventures, technology & CapEx management, network engineering & operations, and strategic selling.

He is currently responsible for the transformation of products, technology, operations, support systems, and strategic marketing of a full-service telecom provider with focus on broadband, wireless and data.  He also advises top-tier New York-based investment banking and securities companies on the IT/telecom industry.


Prior to founding ITE Services, Girish was chief technology officer and chief customer strategist of TELUS Communications, Canada.  He was widely recognized for leading the transformation of the TELUS legacy network to a converged IP-based Next Generation Network, a 3-year project with an investment of more than $1 billion.

Before TELUS, he held key technology positions in the US with Verizon Communications, Xerox Corp., and Texas Instruments Inc.


Dr. Pathak served as the technology expert for Vancouver’s successful bid for the 2010 Winter Olympic and Paralympic Games. He has been a keynote speaker at various national and international conferences within the information and communication technology industry.

Dr. Pathak was honored with the Wharton InfoSys Business Transformational Award for his leadership on the IP-based Next Generation Network project. Verizon recognized him with its Leslie Warner Award for innovative operation support systems. In addition, the US National Academy of Engineering honored him as one of the nation's top 100 young engineers.


During 2001-04, Dr. Pathak has served on the board of TR Labs, a successful private public partnership in information & communication industry across North America, and is currently serving on the board of The Food project, a Boston-based institution focused on youth development through sustainable food systems that provides expertise & resources on a worldwide basis.

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