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Why Choose ITE Services?


We’re an 80/20 blend of pragmatism and aspiration. We believe in simple and elegant solutions. Our relentless pursuit, or methodology for any project, revolves around five powerful inquisitions in evaluating a client’s position vis-à-vis emerging technologies.


Our operational experience tells us that the business effectiveness of an information technology is dependent on its ability to reduce technology complexity. With this as the goal, one must strike a balance between leveraging a new technology and decommissioning a legacy workhorse.


Based on our countless technology implementations (several thousand in just the last ten years, ranging in size from USD$40K to USD$1.3B), we understand that the success of technology projects is dependent on constantly assessing internal and external risks, and mitigating them continually under the watchful eyes of information and communication technology executives.  Therefore, the executions we deliver are risk-balanced.


In fact, ITE’s leading edge implementation experiences distinguish us from other management consultancies whose domain is mostly theoretical. We’ve been there, we’ve done that, and we know. Throughout our relationships with clients, our brand values consistently reflect our unique offerings:

  • We offer swift assimilation into your organization, and sustained high energy in our engagements

  • We extend our teamwork beyond clients, to their partners

  • We balance rigor and innovation in each of our activities

  • We hold ourselves to the highest levels of professionalism

For a biography of ITE founder Girish Pathak, click here.

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