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ITE Services
"Unleashing the business potential of digital convergence"

A new era of digital convergence—powered by the technological advances of the last decade—is unfolding.


And if you are considering or re-assessing:

  • to step up your customer digital experience

  • to build a new e-Business

  • to develop bespoke integration software, like for service provisioning, monitoring or billing

  • to digitally transform your business

  • to convert and consolidate your systems/apps

  • to implement an energy efficiency solution, or

  • to invest in Telecom, IT, Media and Entertainment (TIME) sectors

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About Our Services

The new digital convergence is characterized by the following macro trends that have taken shape over the last decade:

Our Services

Digital Experience

Applications & Softwares

Emergence of successful off-the-shelf commercial software applications such as ERP or CRM products.

Enterprise Architecture & Roadmap for Service Providers

Unimaginable just 10 years ago, with mobile broadband, cloud computing, and outsourcing, the need for a well-defined enterprise architecture and standards is ever more important

Financially driven core expertise

Strategic, tactical and operational level expertise applied in the fields of commercial and financial requirements. 


“TSTT was extremely pleased with the performance, expertise, and professionalism of ITE Services in their delivery of TSTT's PMO, which was subsequently recognized by the Government of Trinidad and Tobago for its efficiency and execution of two highly complex projects.”


Mr. William M. Powell Jr., 
Ex-Chief Marketing Officer, TSTT


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While market forces will control the drive towards the convergence of the three major multimedia industries (telecom, information technology, and entertainment), the wireless-, broadband- and internet-based technological convergence of voice, data and video applications is poised to deliver unprecedented advantages in productivity and competitive positioning for any enterprise.

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